The Crypto-Token For Our New Economy.
ArabCoin is a crypto token or so called crypto currency.

ArabCoin is a digital token or crypto-currency which will be issued by DUCCX, a fully licensed crypto-commodities trader in Dubai.

The intrinsic value of ArabCoin will be fostered by creating a physical stock of gold. Therefore a certain amount of pre-mined tokens are reserved to be changed into gold. This stock of gold will be stored in a reputable warehouse in the UAE and annually audited.

Thus, and in contrast to most other crypto-currencies, ArabCoin has an intrinsic value and a utility value.

Like any other crypto-currency ArabCoin is a peer-to-peer internet currency which allows for direct payments among its users without a middleman like banks or clearing-houses. Hence, it has only a fraction of transaction costs what makes it attractive for private users and merchants all over the world.

Like other crypto-currencies it is an open source, global payment network completely decentralized.

There is no central authority required. Because each transaction is recorded in a public ledger and verified by the miners. In order to become a miner one has to download the ArabCoin mining software from ArabCoin´s final website.

Miners verify transactions with their software based on a highly advanced encryption technology. The verification of transactions requires the solution of complex numerical problems. If a solution is found – i.e. the transaction verified – then a miner gets a reward in form of 1 ArabCoin for his service. It is obvious that not every peer-to-peer participant can find the solution for the same transaction. But over time this balances out. His unsuccessful activities may be regarded as a service to the crypto-currency community.

ArabCoin will be professionally operated by institutions.

ArabCoin will be operated by a legal entity under the name MBM-AC FZCO, a joint venture of His Highness Maktoum Bin Juma Al Maktoum Investment and individual shareholders, founded in the beginning of 2017.

The purpose of MBM-AC is to setup the first fully regulated crypto commodities exchange in Dubai and to support the issue of ArabCoin as a liquidity token to the market.

MBM-AC has 4 major tasks:
  • it will design and maintain the user-friendly website of ArabCoin.
  • it will generate awareness within the global blockchain community.
  • it will penetrate the brick & mortar merchant world at highest possible speed.
  • it will also become the owner and guardian of the physical stock of gold.
The USP of ArabCoin

ArabCoin is a universal crypto token which will be traded on DUCCX and allows to be used by many parties for their respective purpose. It will be linked to a physical stock of gold as a matter of security against the possible high volatilities.

ArabCoin is a team effort.
  • Team Members

    The ArabCoin Team consist of an expert group of people with different backgrounds in their respective subjects. Among them are crypto-experts, legal and finance experts as well. The individual members of that team has worked for well known corporations as IBM and Deutsche Bank before they set-up their new venture. Everyone brings his experience and full commitment to this new and very exciting currency and blockchain project.

ArabCoin is useful in many ways.
  • Mine ArabCoins

    Become a network node right at the beginning and start mining ArabCoins immediatelly.

  • Trade ArabCoins

    With the launch of ArabCoin the exchange will be already operating for you to trade the new currency.

  • Accept & Spend ArabCoins

    We will penetrate the brick & mortar merchant world at highest possible speed and provide all necessary tools to them.

  • Invest in ArabCoins

    Buy ArabCoins as investment to make sure you don't miss the opportunity of to one of the most valuable crypto tokens of the future.

  • Institutional Investors

    You are an institutional investor interested in ArabCoin? Please email us right away.

ArabCoin is your opportunity to get ahead of the crowd.

Don't miss this opportunity, join the new crypto currency at the official launch.

  • Mine ArabCoins

    Start mining before it's to difficult to mine without specialized mining hardware.

  • Trade ArabCoins

    Start trading from day one and take advatage of the special exitement during the launch period.

  • Accept & Spend ArabCoins

    Start accepting ArabCoins as soon as possible to take advantage of the exited miner and trader.

  • Invest in ArabCoins

    Start investing while the news has not yet spread to all of the crypto currency enthusiasts & investors.

We will send you one notification right in time for the official lauch of ArabCoin and the ArabCoin Exchange. No spam and no other emails, just a single notification.

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The Crypto Currency For Our New Economy.